World of Warcraft: Shadowlands; How to Use Character Lookup

Each character created in World of Warcraft, remembering those for the Shadowlands extension, holds a huge load of data. You have singular numbers to follow for their own details, stuff, and notoriety. This can be somewhat overpowering to process, particularly in the centre of the game when you’re occupied with questing or striking. Luckily, there’s somewhere else you can use outside of the game to find all the important data you need about your person (or another person’s). 

To start, Go to the World of Warcraft search page. This can be done for more than just characters, but you can also type the full name of the character whose profile you want to see. While you are doing this make sure the spelling is right and there are no additional spaces. At the point when the outcomes come up, you may find that you’re not as inventive as you suspected, and numerous characters with a similar name will show up. This is the reason WoW has such countless workers, and it’s a decent marker of what you’ll have to do in case you’re thinking about moving to another domain with a given person. 

When you discover your personality, you can see all at present prepared stuff, if you have signed in as of late. Your full stockpile is in plain view, alongside your spec sheet and prison/strike progress for Shadowlands. A few tabs are accessible for you to tap on too; you can see your entire assortment of pets and mounts across your record, just as PvP details and notoriety for the picked character. In case you have a place with an organization, you can tap the name of the society to look at data on every one of the individuals inside.

Image via Blizzard

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