Which Earliest Bleed Weapon to Use in Elden Ring

Check out the Elden Ring earliest bleed weapon that can help you to defeat your enemies and find the location of the weapons.

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Elden Ring: Earliest Bleed Weapon to Use in Elden Ring

As you launch through the Elden Ringworld, you will locate many different weapons. Some of these weapons will have the power to inflict Bleed damage on enemies. Bleed damage is a type of damage that makes up over time and can ultimately lead to an enemy’s death if not healed.

Two different weapons can inflict Bleed damage in Elden Ring, but which one is the earliest that you can get your hands on? The answer is Caestus.

Reduvia Dagger

It is listed on the first why not Uchigatana because you can also access this weapon in the earlier classes. 

Reduvia Dagger is the best bleed weapon, and you can also find it earlier in the game. Its blades are dual-wielded.

While its physical harm might not be its strongest point, its bleed buildup is the main highlight. Not to mention that it scales with Dexterity, making it an unlimited blessing for a warrior. If you can grab two of them, some of the early bosses and enemies won’t provide problems for you.

  • Here are its Wrpons stats:
    • Physical damage: 79
    • Critical damage: 110
    • Bleed buildup: 50
  • It has the following scaling:
    • Strength: E
    • Dexterity: D
    • Arcane: D
  • To wield it, you should have:
    • Strength: 5
    • Dexterity: 13
    • Arcane: 13

The other weapon is Reduvia Blood Blade. It uses 6 FP and cannot be charged. It fires an arc of blood in front of the user to attack the enemy.

Its LocationYou can find this weapon after defeating Bloody Finger Nerijus in the area between Agheel Lake and Murkwater Catacombs.


By default, you can get this weapon by picking your starting class as Samurai. This is the second earliest bleed weapon that you can get is Uchigatana. This weapon is used for greater damage than the Reduvia dagger; its blades are shaped. 

Here are Weapon stats:

  • Physical damage: 115
  • Critical damage: 100
  • Bleed buildup: 45
  • It has the following scaling:
    • Strength: D
    • Dexterity: D
  • You can wield it when you have the following stats:
    • Strength: 11
    • Dexterity: 15

The weapon skill Unsheathe is applied to this blade. The blade is sheathed, and your player is forced to select a position. Then, you can perform a light attack for 10 FP or a strong assault for 15 FP.

  • Location: You can find it at Deathtouched Catacombs at Stormhill in Limgrave.

Here are the Bleed Weapons you can use in Elden Ring to defeat the enemies. Read our Elden Ring guide to check more locations and weapon usage. 

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