How to play Swiftle: Taylor Swift Wordle games (Taylordle & Swiftle)

Check this how to play the two Taylor Swift Wordle games (Taylordle & Swiftle) regularly and enjoy with fellow Swifties in the fandom. 

We’ve heard about the BTS Heardle that is specially for BTS ARMYs and we know about Heardle, guessing Wordle spinoff. 

Know about Taylor Swift Heardle Games (Wordle-themed Music Puzzles)

What is Taylordle?

There’s a Wordle game that is for Taylor Swift Fans, and It’s Called Taylordle. You can simply play You can play Taylordle at

  • Go to created by @holyswiftpod.
  • You will get six attempts to guess the word of the day.
  • In this you will not have to listen to a song, this is for your knowledge as a fan.
  • In this you will get all the words are part of the Swiftie universe it means they only check your knowledge as a fan.
  • Hint: All the words related to Taylor Swift could be 4 to 8 letter words.
  • When you guess anything it will show you the yellow, green, and grey colors that will give you hints for your next guess. 

Green Color means you put the letter in the right spot, yellow means letter is available in word, but you put it in the wrong spot, and grey represents that letter is not in the word. This color will help you about the next hint.

What is Swiftle?

In the Swiftle you have to listen to a snippet of the song to show off your skills and guessing power as a Taylor Swift fan. The amazing part of this game is you can play the past puzzle games, you need to go on the Calendar icon and choose the date of playing the past puzzle. If in case you guess the wrong answer you will get the next chance to guess the correct answer and in total you get six attempts to guess the right answer. Don’t worry if you can’t remember the actual song name. Simply input the word, and a drop-down menu with the song’s complete name will appear for you to select.

This is the information you need to know about Taylor Swift Wordle games Taylordle & Swiftle. If you love to play Wordle games then you can check the daily answer sheet of Wordle games as well as Today’s Wordle game answers and know how you can play the heardle previous games.

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