Guide on How To Complete Elden Ring Black Knife Catacombs Location

Here’s a guide on how you can complete Elden Ring Black Knife Catacombs location.

Black Knife Catacombs is a dungeon found in Elden Ring’sRing’s Liurnia of the Lakes region. It is the home of two bosses. One is Black Knife Assassin, and the other is Cemetery Shade.

The Black Knife Catacombs dungeon has several skeleton enemies that will die in specific ways and then and guillotines across its rooms. The sewers are plagued with crabs, and two enormous crabs await hapless prey.

In addition, there are some puzzles that you need to complete in the Black Knife Catacombs; this will help you to unexplored Elden Ring regions. 

In this guide, we will tell you where you can find the dungeon, how you can encounter your enemies, and how to reach and finish the Black Knife Catacombs of your game. 

Elden Ring Black Knife Catacombs: Location Guide

You can find Black Knife Catacombs located northeast of Liurnia in the Lakes region.

Riding along the mountain’s eastern border will help you to find the Catacombs.  

Walk continues north, and When you pass the Ruined Labyrinth Site of Grace, the path to the Catacombs will become clear. 

At the entry of the Catacombs, you will see a ghostly Golden Knight safeguards it. 

It is challenging to defeat the enemy, so you can avoid them and go right away to the Catacombs. Then, directly after entering, light the Site of Grace.

Guide To Navigate The Elden Ring Black Knife Catacombs

  • The Black Knife Catacombs are full of skeletons, and you need to kill them as soon as they fall again quickly; the skeletons, otherwise, will stop you from going ahead. 
  • If you kill the skeletons and they keep rising back, then focus on Necromancer. He is the master. Kill him, and it will stop the skeletons from growing again. 
  • Halfway down the stairs from the Site of Grace, you’ll find a skeleton kill him without killing his master. 
  • You’ll find the catacombs’ sealed doors at the bottom of the stairs.
  • At the end of the catacombs, when you pull the Lever, then the doors will open. It will lead you to the final boss fight.
  • The next step is down a short flight of stairs on the left.
  • You will find two more skeletons at the bottom of the stairs. One at the crossroads and one farther down the tunnel. If they saw you, they would both be rolling toward you continuously. 
  • You need to kill Necromancer, and he is located located in the tunnel of the guillotines’ room. When you kill Necromancer after that, both these skeletons are dead. 
  • On the left side of this tunnel is a room sealed by an imp statue. In the room, two skeleton enemies are available on the left side, and the body next to the tombstone has the Rosus’ Axe on it.
  • In the next room, you will find several guillotines, Necromancer and two skeleton archers.
  • To go to the sewer level, you need to clear the t5gis area, and when you clear the area, you will find a skeleton and a ladder to go down. 
  • In the sewer level, you will find some non-hostile tiny crabs; when you kill them, they drop crab eggs.
  • When you move forward, the corpse will activate the Giant Crabs; play safe because one Crab is in front of you and one is behind you.
  • After killing the corpse, you need to steal the corpse to acquire 1 x Rune Arc. 
  • To continue in these Catacombs, return to the room with the guillotines and ride the guillotine blade upwards to land. 
  • Once you reach the area, kill the Necromancer, and the skeletons throw flaming pots on you. 
  • Now proceed to the large room, with numerous statues of Erdtree Burial Watchdogs and innumerable skeletons.
  • Somewhere at the right, look for Necromancer, which will help you kill these archer skeletons.
  • Just follow the path and hit the wall at the end of this path to reveal the entrance to the boss’ secret chamber of Black Knife Assassin.
  • The Black Knife Assassin boss moves quickly and escapes the hits when they move forward, he is making two attacks, but as a player, you can predict and avoid them easily. 
  • When you defeat the boss after that, you receive three things that are 3150 Runes, an Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger and Black Knifepoint. 
  • Just get back to the previous area with the vanishing wall to discover a little pit hidden behind a Grave Glovewort on the left side.
  • You can access the Lever’s chamber in the sewer level by dropping through this hole
  • Pull the Lever to unlock the boss’s chamber’s heavy doors, and then pull the other Lever to open the gate of the sewers.
  • After entering the sewer level and opening the gate, be aware of Skeletons and the Giant Crabs. 
  • To start the boss battle against Cemetery Shade, return to the dungeon’s exit and pass through the heavy doors that have just been opened.
  • You will receive 3500 Runes and the Twinsage Sorcerer Ashes for defeating this boss.
  • The room also has a chest with 1 x Deathroot inside of it.

That’s a Guide on Elden Ring Black Knife Catacombs. Remember, follow all steps to defeat the boss. We publish weekly guides on Elden Ring for players. 

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