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No Man’s Sky Outlaws: How To Get S Class Freighter

S-Class Freighters are challenging to locate In No Man’s Sky. With the advent of Outlaws update, there are certain guaranteed methods that will help you to get the one as fast as possible.

S Class Freighters are rare to find in No Man’s Sky. While you can always find a freighter in every system you explore, the chances of getting an S-Class freighter are relatively low, and it can be time-consuming if your main goal is to find the S-Class freighter. 

Fortunately, there is an excellent time-saving way to quickly get an S-Class Freighter in No Man’s Sky. In the guide below, I will share easy steps you want to follow.

To get the freighters, prepare at least 150 million units. Freighters didn’t come at low prices, and the S-Class is more costly than others. Even a few S-class freighters cost you about 5-10 million units. All over, the most expensive one will cost you north of 100 million units and even more too. 

So if you want the best S-Class freighter, then you will have to prepare at least 150 million units so that you can afford the best one. 

After this, the next you’ll require is Economy Scanner. You’ll need to install it into your spaceship so that you can scan the economy of each area on the map. Once it is installed, Open up the Galaxy Map and look for the system that includes one or all of these:

  • Advanced
  • Booming
  • Affluent
  • High Supply
  • Flourishing
  • Prosperous
  • Wealthy

From the above list, one of them is available on the galaxy map. Go to that system and fly nearby to the space station.

After that, go towards the freighter and board it. Once inside, use your scanner to view the stats parallel to its class. If it is not the S-Class, then open the menu and go to options, Save Data, and click on the Reload Autosave option.

This will start the game on your latest save point, which was in the space station. 

Then repeat the same procedure repeatedly until you find an S-Class freighter. The reason you need to do this is that a freighter spawned in a system, the game assigns it an undetermined class.

Additionally, it’s faster than visiting system after system, which is tedious as you have to seek the wealthy system. After repeatedly doing the same process over again, you will be able to find an S-Class freighter.

Once you spot one, head over to the bridge and discuss it with the captain to negotiate. Afterwards, you’ll need to buy this only if you like its stats.

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