Proven Tips to Unlock Master Rank Layered Armor – MHW Layered Armor Guide

After long restless waiting done by us which definitely felt like 12 years of Azkaban, it is finally here. Yes We are talking about the mighty and dashing MHW Master Rank layered armor , our sincere thanks goes to the courtesy of Title Update 5. Yes We do understand that this is a lot of slang for the nerds so it would be enough to say that the final major content update for MONSTER HUNTER WORLD finally took place. It includes the Fatalis, endgame beast  as well as many different quality of life changes. We had a major update in the department of fashion which give privileges to players to dress themselves with layers.In other words your player now can “transmog” every armor set available which means you can be wearing anything for the stats but now you have the magic spell to make it look like something else. 

However the major question arises how to make this happen?, well this is not a quick fix solution nor it is a very straight path once you begin the game.

Just like many other features in MHW , the armour setting is also dubious.Even if you understand the game itself. Well, Master rank layered armor won’t just drop magically in your list of craftable gear.Master Rank layered armor won’t show up immediately in your list of craftable gear. You need to work through the obstacle course to make the individual set appear for you to create

Let’s Check out what that means!

The foremost part: head to the forge. This is the field where you build weapons and armor in MHW. It’s also where almost most(though not all) layered armor appears for scrutiny. The sets are also divided into Low Rank, High Rank, and now Master Rank.The default setting is Master Rank if you’ve acquired that level of content, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to find, presuming you’ve already started the Iceborne campaign.

If you are at the beginning of Iceborne and have just started then your options are going to be extremely restricted. Some  tactical equipment  like the Innerwear layered armor and Goldspring Macaque  is connected  to event quests. That means you need to clear special missions during specific playtime to get unique items. This is how Monster Hunter has operated for so long. It’s mostly the standard gear that got updated recently; it is the  stuff you craft for gameplay purposes. And that won’t show at all if you haven’t put a ton of time and effort into the game.

The reason behind this is that most Master Rank layered armor is connected to the Guiding Lands. This is a peculiar zone in MHW that only unbolts  after you complete the Iceborne campaign. It’s a special endgame area slightly different from the rest of Monster Hunter history with every habitat all in one place, enabling you to hunt almost unlimitedly, without having to scavenge into new areas. But you presumably already knew that. Chances are, if you’re going through this, then you’re already familiar with the Guiding Lands to some degree. However that still is not enough to get you all the Master Rank layered armor, but 

That’s because these outfit sets are actually tied to the tempered beasts of the Guiding Lands. These stronger versions of monsters sport better health, damage, and resistance to specific danger. They’re tough nuts to crack! They also provide special crafting material exclusive to their tempered selfs in the Guiding Lands.

For instance, if you want to build the Master Rank Teostra layered armor, you must have a bout with a tempered Teostra in the Guiding Lands. Though the Guiding Lands provide some extra options for farming materials.

Beasts drop extra materials in the Guiding Lands. You can knock “shinies” off of them to pick up off the ground in a myriad of ways. That includes smashing monster parts and banging them on walls with the Clutch Claw and Slinger ammo. Earning one point in the skill of geology will also give you double shiny drops which will vastly improve your chances of getting what you want and your haul at the halt of each investigation. One good advice is to always wall bang a monster that tries to fake sleep when it gets close to death, as sleeping gives you an easy and free chance to do so, even if the monster was previously anguished. You can always hold  it afterwards if you want.

Once you have achieved one modulated item from a monster in the Guiding Lands, that creature’s layered armor sets will come up at the forge. That’s… pretty much it! You’ll need a myriad of many other items to actually craft the gear, of course, but the tempered bits are the most difficult to earn. They also seem to be the key to making the layered armor drop in your available options. Without them, the gear won’t appear.

There is of course the procedure of finding the tempered monsters themselves. This takes some efforts. You need to fight inside the Guiding Lands, ranking up discrete areas by hunting beasts there, until you reach a high enough level for tempered variants to pop up. This is effortless to track! Just click on your Hunter’s Notes from the main menu. Near the bottom of the screen, you’ll view a section labeled as Guiding Lands. click this to check each zone to know what level you’ve reached with it, and whether or not tempered beasts (wrapped in a purple glow) will show. If you’ve reached the right level, you can use bait at a Guiding Lands camp to call guaranteed tempered monsters in that region.

Yes,  We know it’s a lot of work. However, that specialized armour for you! Unlatching all the best fashion outfits  is the true pleasure for many players. The rewards are always worth it. MHW has outstanding fashion at times And being able to mix and match outfits and designs without putting affect on your stats is a god’s miracle. It’s most of the time free, too, as almost no layered armor is tied to DLC or microtransactions (outside of Iceborne itself of course). 

Let’s check how Layered Armour in Monster Hunter World functions, and is it the same as a transmog system?

Layered Armour is a cosmetic choice in Monster Hunter World, which behaves differently than a regular armour because it is a tactical gear you wear over your preset armour to change the way it appears.

To be in brief ,In itself, it isn’t a set of armour – it has no stats or traits – and candidly changes the way you look. Occasionally it has a seasonal theme or novelty appearance, and can even make your character look like a character from another game, from Street Fighter to The Halo.

It’s worth stressing over the fact that Layered Armour is not a transmog system. For those who are  not familiar with this concept, transmog or transmogrification is a concept introduced in MMOs for example like World of Warcraft where you can change your outfit to any other armour you may have earned after clearing levels.

You got to look your best To hunt the best.

Happy Hunting and Good luck !

Final words:

Let me reiterate what we discussed, the new update of Monster Hunter World is here which allows us to engage with the layered armor.

In Monster Hunter World (MHW) , we have “Layered armor”  which is a bespoke special armor that changes your appearance while keeping the effects of your equipped armor unimpaired. Once you get access to some layered armor, you can wear it by following any of the methods below.

You can knock together Layered Armor with Iceborne Expansion

  1. Item Box Menu > Change Appearance > Layered Armor Settings
  2. Item Box Menu (Research Base or Astera) > Layered Armor Settings
  3. You can also change the color of your layered armor within the settings above, see “Color Presets”. Colors only apply to specific parts of the armor, like the stickers or belts, adornments, etc

Now, enjoy your game with these cool features and we hope the monster hunter world comes up with more great opportunities.

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