Complete the BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge Guide

Here’s the guide on Gilmore Girls Challenge in BitLife, pass the challenge and live the virtual life of Rory Gilmore.

In BitLife you will get new challenges every week. Players will be spending the life of Rory Gilmor, in which the player needs to complete the task and tasks include studying journalism, cheating with ex-boyfriend and more. 

In the below guide we will explain to you in steps that include How to compete Gilmore Girls Challenge in BitLife.

“In this challenge, your mother’s your best friend, and your exes won’t stay exes for long.”

How to Complete the Gilmore Girls Challenge in BitLife

Check the requirements to complete the Gilmore Girls Challenge:

  • Be born a female in Connecticut
  • Perform every activity with your mother
  • Study Journalism
  • Cheat with an ex
  • Get Pregnant by an ex

As a Connecticut, you’ll need to prioritize high intelligence for your Bitlife character. Start with intelligence when creating your character, but pay attention to their grades in school as well. Work hard, get good grades and go to college without any problems.

Perform every activity with your mother, in this Go to Relationship tab> Mother> Select all the nine activities to do with your mother.

Cheat with an ex, in this case use  a dating app and find a partner, make sure you did not end the relationship with her before completing the last two objectives. In the first objective you’ll need to be dating someone new and then cheat on them with your ex and in Second objective, you have to pregnant your ex.

This is the complete guide How to Complete the Gilmore Girls Challenge in BitLife. Just follow the above steps to complete the challenge hassle free.

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