Heardle Archive: How To Play Past Heardle Archive Game

Here’s a guide on How to play previous heardle archive games on PC & Mobile (iOS, Android).

After Wordle’s game, Heardle is gaining popularity online: Musical Wordle Spinoff. If you find this daily music intro/song guessing game and want to play the older puzzles, here’s the guide to let you play the past Heardle Archive.

Heardle Archive Games – How to Play Past Puzzles?

In Wordle, actual archive websites are available that will let you play the previous games, but there’s nothing available like this in Heardle. But, the classic “change the date and time” trick works, So check here how this trick works. 

Players must change the Date and Time settings to access the older games on PC, iOS/Android phones & MAC.

Follow the step-by-step guide below.

  • Go on the Start menu on your Windows PC and type Date.
  • It takes you to the Date and Time settings, or you can go to the start menu and search for “Settings.” You can also find this by going to Time & Language > Date & Time.
  • Now you can deselect the option of Set Time Automatically.
  • Click on Set the Date and Time Manually and click on Change.
  • Change the DateDate to a past one, So if the DateDate is 11 March 2022, make it 10 March 2022 and confirm this by clicking on Change.
  • Visit the heardle. app (reload the web page if it is already open).
  • By following the above steps, you should be capable of hearing the intro to a different song.
  • To listen and to guess the older songs, Keep changing the dates to previous ones.

How Mobile users (iOS & Android) can change the Date.

If you are a Mobile player, then you have to change the Date and time by following the below steps:

For iOS Users

  • Tap on Settings > General > Date & Time.
  • Slide off the slider of Set Automatically.
  • You see the Date and time. Just Change the Date to an older one.
  •  Reload the Heardle webpage and start listening to the song intro.

For Android users

The process may differ slightly, but the overall steps will be similar.

  • Open up Mobile Settings and search for Date.
  • Click on Date & Time (which should be under System Settings).
  • Toggle off the options to Set Time Automatically.
  • Now Change the Date to an older one.
  •  Reload the Heardle webpage and start listening to the song intro.

For MAC users

  • Click on the Apple menu of MAC.
  • Click in System Preferences.
  • Click on Date and Time.
  • Uncheck the box of Set Date and time automatically.
  • Change the Date to an older one.
  • Open Safari or any web browser in your MAC, go to the heardle. app and start playing the game.

 That’s a Guide on the Heardle Archive. Remember, if you need to play the game in real-world time, change the Date and time. We covered a lot of spinoffs at SportsDio. 

Kasturba Sachdev

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