Map Codes for Fortnite XP Glitch (2022)

Map Codes for the XP Glitch in Fortnite will help you get 100K XP quickly.

XP is demanded in Fortnite, and it is a hot resource in many games also. With the help of XP, you can complete Battle Pass and Level Up your account level. 

Due to lack of time, sometimes it is impossible to get much XP in Fortnite. But some ways help to obtain high amounts of XP, XP Glitches. n this guide, we will show you the XP Glitch Map Codes for Fortnite.

Working XP Glitch Fortnite Map Codes (2022)

In Fortnite, there is a glitch. With the help of that glitch, in 5 minutes, you can get 100K XP more. This is the fastest and most prominent way to get XP in Fortnite.

To perform the glitch in Fortnite, you need Map Codes, find the working Map codes below and perform the XP Glitch. Make sure to enter the correct Map codes. If you didn’t enter the right map code, the glitch would not perform, and you cannot get 100K XP in the game. Follow the below steps to perform a glitch and collect more XP.

  • In your Fortnite Lobby, keep your head towards Creative & in the Island Code, enter this code: 4718-2254-2813v39.
  • Come back to your lobby and ensure your game is on the private game. Now click on Play.
  • After entering the game till it loads up.
  • When the game loads up completely, move towards the Weapons area, you will find the weapon area at the bottom left side of the Map.
  • From the weapon area, pick up a weapon that has a big magazine like a MiniGun.
  • Now at the nearby weapon area, you will see a Phone Booth. Move towards the corner closest to it.
  • This should be in the top left corner.
  • Once you reach the corner tile, your character will glow in Blue VFX.
  • Now you will have to execute an Emote, and anyone will do.
  • After that, you must build a bridge that goes Westward from your position. The Bridge should be 4 platforms wide.
  • When you walk onto the 4th tile of the Bridge, again your character glow in Blue VFX.
  • Now again, use your Emote. Run back to the corner tile and Emote on it again.
  • Now in the South section of the Map, you will see a SUPPORT A CREATOR pedestal. Go behind it, and below the Map, you will find an Interactable. Press E on it.
  • After this, come back to the weapons section and go to the corner tile. There should be a Small Shield Potion there.s
  • Now construct the 15 high Staircase in the Southward direction.
  • On the top of the staircase, build a floor tile on. After that, build a floor tile to the right of the one you had just built.
  • Build a floor tile to the right of that floor tile, looking into the West. It ought should appear to be a U-turn.
  • Now, facing North, build a platform from the last floor tile.
  • You have now finished your XP Glitch preparation. Now all you have to do is stand on the platform you just built and fire toward the West.
  • By doing this, you will get a ton of XP in Fortnite.

By following these Maps Codes, you can perform the XP Glitch in Fortnite and gain tons of XP. Make sure to follow all steps to perform glitch and earn XP. You can also check and solve Tower Of Fantasy Black Screen Issue in TOF.

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