Best PvP Classes in WoW Shadowlands [July 2022]

PvP is a base activity inside World of Warcraft. From Arena matches to Battlegrounds, Players can compete in different classes of PvP-based activities. But the players who want to try something new are confused about which class to pick, which can be powerful. Fortunately for You, we have listed out the best pvp class shadowlands.

These rankings were compiled based on the average score in rated battlegrounds in Snowlands for season 3 can be tied, too, let’s have a look at the list.

Top 5 Rated Battleground PvP Classes

5. Paladin

The Paladin is capable, Paladin has three very powerful subclasses to choose from. They’re capable of tanking, healing, and dishing out the DPS to win in Battlefield. Giveaway some plate armor, which is more challenging to kill than your usual Rogue.

4. Rogue

Rogues have always been victorious in the PvP league; Rouge has the power to go invisible, stun-lock opponents from using any actions, and dispense massive damage. They’re one of the most extreme intensifying classes to play against due to their arsenal.

3. Warlock

In PvP, Warlock is not as Impressive as in PvE, but the number three position would be a good fit for Warlock. With pets to harass opponents, warlocks are dangerous and chant at their disposal. 

2. Priest

Holy, Discipline, or Shadow.No matter whatever Priest you prefer, they bring help or hurt on the Battlefield. Just be sure and stay on the good side of Priest.

1. Druid

Just because of its versatility, Druid is a multi-threat, much similar to Paladin. Nearly their ratings are double that of priests, and they’re currently the favorite for this Season. They can be tanking bosses, heel allies, melee DPS, and generally be a pain for anyone’s side. 

So these are the latest best pvp class shadowlands, and in July, we also list the best pvp class wow.

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