Battlefield will be revealed as a true next-generation game in June

There were too many rumours that the Battlefield series can be announced next week. This week Electronic Arts indicated that the Battlefield series that reveal would take place in June.

A few months before, EA Chief Studios Officer Laura Miele revealed that Criterion currently paused working on Need For Speed, They work on the new Battlefield game.

Wilson did not reveals any platform name for this new Battlefield series, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X are the obvious candidates and it goes well with the statement of being “a true next-generation game.” PlayStation 4 and Xbox are also the candidates just sort of throwing that comment in the trash and marketing we know marketing is what people choose to hear and what are they not said.

During an investor call yesterday, CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed that to do this case, calling the game a “true next-generation game,” which might mean nothing.

Image Source: Twitter

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