Alien Artifact Locations For Week 5 in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

We’re here in week five of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, and we have another arrangement of Alien Artifacts accessible to find. This time around, there are five spread around the guide. Like earlier weeks, you can gather them to open extra variations and styles for Kymera, the Legendary included skin of the season. 

The Alien Artifacts look like gleaming purple canisters with an odd precious stone inside them and can be found in different areas on the guide. To gather them, players should simply stroll through them, and everyone is really worth four Alien Artifacts. 

Just as discovering them on the guide, players can open Cosmic Chests that can contain the Alien Artifacts. These must be opened with a crew, so remember that before you look for them.

Here are the Alien Artifact areas for week 5 in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7. 

Alien Artifact Locations for Week 5 

Here are each of the five Alien Artifact areas in week five of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7: 

  1. Misty Meadows
  2. Retail Row
  3. Craggy Cliffs
  4. Pleasant Park
  5. Believer Beach

Misty Meadows 

The first Alien Artifact is found in Quite a while, at the actual tip of the clock tower. You will either need to land up here or gather 100 or somewhere in the vicinity assets so you can move toward the spot. Annihilate the high level of the clock pinnacle to uncover the Alien Artifact. 

Retail Row 

The following Alien Artifact is east of the b-ball court. There is a little bus station, and you’ll discover the Artifact behind that close to the wooden fence. 

Craggy Cliffs 

You can track down the following Alien Artifact upper east of Craggy Cliffs along the coast. There is a little campground on the north shore of the guide. The Artifact is sitting close to a tree close to the camp. 

Pleasant Park 

There is an Alien Artifact in the middle space of Pleasant Park. Head to the Gazebo found in the focal point of the zone, and turn upward. The Alien Artifact is at the highest point of the Gazebo, apparent while you’re inside and looking toward the rooftop. 

Believer Beach 

The last Alien Artifact is over in Believer Beach. There are two houses on the southeast side of the space. Check the storage room of the house toward the west, and you will track down the last Artifact.

Image: Epicgames

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